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What is Mermaid Guest & Host Service?

Our guest & host service is dedicated to helping vacation rental hosts maximize their rental calendars. Our team of trained bellhops will meet, greet, and get your guests settled in to your home. Whether you are busy at work, out of town or just to busy to meet your guests our  Bellhops will ensure that your guests have a seamless check in process. This will not only ensure that your guests are happy, but also that your guests leave great reviews adding value to your property and nightly rates.

Are your bellhops trustworthy?

All of our bellhops are professionals with experience in hospitality and the vacation rental market, many of them are fellow vacation rental hosts and realize the value of our services. Every bellhop has been background checked, vetted, and trained to make sure that you and your guests are 100% satisfied.

How do I book?

Booking is simple . Make a service agrement with us .Once you are registered as a host  a set of keys to be provided to us for your property along with any specific instructions, you are ready to create your first urban bellhop reservation.Schedules 48 Hrs prior to be communicated to us via phone or via mail with your guest arrrival and unit details. Mermaid Bellhop will contact your guest to let them know we will be handling their check in and take over the coordination for arrival.

How much notice is needed to book a bellhop?

We request a 48 hour minimum booking time frame in order to meet your needs. Our bellhops are available 7 days a week from 9am to 7pm, for the occasional late night check in please call in advance to see if this can be arranged. Because the service is booked on a first come first serve, there might not be some times available, but once you choose your time, we will confirm your appointment via email.

How can I pay?

We only accept paypal payments.

For Guests

We are a team of experienced Airbnb hosts who will make your check in process smooth and hassle free. Once your host has requested an guest check in, we will be your point of contact and make all arrangements to meet you at the house to get you settled in. We can even have welcome pack waiting for youto start in your new home.

For Hosts

Mermaid is dedicated to helping vacation rental hosts (Airbnb / VRBO) maximize their rental opportunities. If you are out of town, busy at the office, or unable to meet potential Airbnb guests, Mermaid is here to meet, greet and get your guests settled in to your digs. We are a team of experienced vacation rental hosts who understand the art of hospitality. We can help you be the best host you can be.

Host and Guest Services

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